This week we held another interactive reading in honor of breaking in my new deck, the Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. I asked members of my email community and various groups on social media to pick a number between 1-78 (the number of cards in the deck) and the numbers that came up the most made it into this reading. The ‘winning’ numbers were a four way tie!: 13, 23, 77, 78. I drew these cards as they would naturally fall within the deck. Here is the result!

Archangel Power Tarot Cards: Abundant Relationships, Resources, Ideas, and Flow of Prosperity

Peace.AzraelPosition One: Peace/Archangel Azrael

“Release the past. There is a more enriching future coming. Let go and let God.”
The Peace card indicates a time of massive transformation for you. It is now safe to release from your life the people and circumstances that no longer serve you. You can go about doing so in a peaceful and loving way. This phase of your life is like an old coat that has come to its complete stage of molting. Let go and let God(dess) carry you along the peaceful path of this change. It may feel intense and at times overwhelming but imagine yourself as a newborn, just learning how to walk and talk. At first it will be difficult but as time goes by and you practice more and more, it will get easier. This is part of the process of growth and preparation for something great (like we discussed in last week’s reading). It is time for your own magnificent metamorphosis, caterpillar. You’re wings are ready! Get ready to fly!
Archangel significance: Archangel Azrael is a wonderful and extremely elegant angel who helps those who are experiencing a loss. When you call upon Azrael, it is as though two big loving arms from heaven have wrapped around you, providing comfort and support. Ask for help from Azrael when you need to let go of a situation or a part of your life that no longer serves you.
Affirmation: “I open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of space for me to grow and change.”

Position Two: Two of Gabriel

“Make bold and ambitious choices! Great progress is possible. Important relationships with people who share your vision.”Two.Gabriel
There is somebody for everyone out there. This is true for every type of relationship. If you’ve felt nudged to refresh your circle of influence, whether it be from a romantic perspective or otherwise, now is a good time to get started. This entire week is about embracing new beginnings. Just be sure to keep your mind focused upon the types of relationships you’d like to attract. Shift your focus from what has gone wrong in the past to what could go right. Journal about the types of people that you’d like to have in your life. Envision yourself surrounded by these people. Pay attention as new people come into your life. They are being attracted to the vibration that you are putting out. This is also an excellent time to develop long term business partnerships.
Archangel significance: Archangel Gabriel is known to be the patron of creativity, as well as a helpful and supportive guide to accomplishing your goals.
Affirmation: “I am open to loving, meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships and friendships.”

Queen.ArielPosition Three: Queen of Ariel/Mature, Practical, Generous, Happy

“Nurture yourself and those you love! The ability to make anything more beautiful. Practical and wise advice.”
This card goes remarkably well with the previous one as you are beginning to develop a profound relationship with yourself and others. Spend quality time with those that you care about. Share freely about your deepest and happiest moments together. Take this opportunity to share wisdom with each other. Each of you have a profound gift to give one another. The positive relationships that you are cultivating now are meaningful to your life. Everyone that is sent to you is for your benefit now. Be open to learn what it is that they are teaching and to sharing what you know as well. The time is ripe for sharing bright ideas and co-creating dreams into reality.
Archangel significance: Archangel Ariel can help with manifestations. She has a magical ability to help in the process of co-creation.
Affirmation: “I open my consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life.”

Position Four: King of Ariel/Successful, Stable, Accomplished, PowerfulKing.Ariel

“Your plans are working out very well! Professional and financial success. Using resources wisely.”
You’ve been working so hard for so long and putting a lot of conscious effort into manifesting your dreams into reality. The King of Ariel card indicates that your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Right now a massive flow of abundance is headed your direction, just be sure to remain open to accepting it! Have faith that your plans are working out miraculously and don’t spend time worrying about how or when. Just know that all is well. Right now is a wonderful time for you to visualize what has yet to materialize into form. Success is yours! Congratulations. Feel good about it. You deserve every ounce of success that is coming to you!
(The Archangel significance is explained above! :) )
Affirmation: “I am totally and completely supported by the Universe.”
This is a week of abundant relationships, time, resources, ideas, and flow of money. Get ready. It’s a very exciting time right now!
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Brightest blessings in the week ahead!

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  1. Marissa Pena Says:

    March 2nd, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    I really liked your reading. It was beautiful and I needed it. Beautiful!

    Will you please tell me what the 1 and 10 of Archangel Power Tarot Cards in purple (series 0-21) is and what does it mean? I am missing these two cards from my deck.

    Thank you. Keep in touch. Marissa

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